Wolfgang Steiert, Antosa
Wolfgang Steiert, Antosa



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    Wolfgang Steiert

    Born 1944, two children

    Academic degree: Dipl. Ing.Telecommunications 

    Nürnberg and München

    Languages: German, English, French,Italian 


2. CAREER SUMMARY.               

    IBM 18 years (Germany, Italy, France)

    Sales, European Marketing, Branch Office Management,

    Division Management

    Large Accounts (e.g. Bundespost, Banks)

    Hardware, Software, Network Services, ITand TC


    DAT AG 3 years

    CEO of a group of software and TC companies

    Acquisition and formation of new companiese.g. MEGANET 


    Northern Telecom Europe 4,5 years (UK, Germany, Austria)

    VP Data Networks Europe (London, Frankfurt)

    VP Central/East Europe/CIS (Vienna), all products


    Meganet/Lion/VebacomService GmbH 2 years (1995/6)  

    CEO of these companies until partial acquisition by RWE


    debis Systemhaus since May 1997 (Germany)

    Head of Telecommunications Services (national and international) 


    Managing Director of Internet BusinessSolutions GmbH (6/00)


    T-Systems since acquisition of debis Systemhaus in 2000  

    Head of Service Line Network Services (national and international)

    Head of  Telecommunications Services (national and international)


    Antosa GmbH, Founder and Managing Director since 2002



    Broad experience and capabilities in computer technology, software

    and telecommunications management/sales/markets/products/



    International professional background (working and living in Italy,

    France, Austria,and intensive working contacts to other European

    and North American countries and business partners) including 

    several languages.